The total cost of a business start up, including an initial installment of the management fee, will vary according to size and location, and may range from $90,000 and $450,000 plus applicable taxes. Store spaces will range in total area between 200sq. to 2000sq. The operator is responsible for paying total leasehold costs. If the location is owned by the store operator outside of Walmart, the owner is expected to bring forward a site plan for the development of the interior renovation to the personnel of Drinkii Inc.

What Drinkii Supports

  • For the term of the agreement, the operator has the right to use Trademarks and Tradenames at the operator location and all proprietary products and materials.
  • A training program to be provided at one of the designated existing store before store soft openings.
  • The use of Drinkii Inc operational manuals
  • New Product development updates Menu board design set up and menu offerings guideline based on location.
  • Shop design and layout.
  • Initial set up of our Point of Sales system will be provided by Drinkii Inc. All operators will be required to remit a monthly admministrative charge for the service.
  • Drinkii‚Äôs Operator Training Program

  • System Management (POS, Security, Remote Monitoring System).
  • Product Knowledge.
  • Equipment Knowledge.
  • Restaurant Management (Daily Operational, Staffing, Inventory Control, etc).
  • Health and Safety Management (Operator and Supervisor).
  • Financial Skill Management (Accounting, Insurance, Budgeting, Tax Liability).
  • Special Problem Solving.