If you qualify yourself as someone who has a minimum of two to three years corporate management experience working in the private sector and would like to relocate to Canada with your immediate families, then our international franchisee development team would like to hear from you.

An ideal candidate is a foreign investor with verifiable, transferable management experience, who can own and operate a Drinkii store once a suitable location is identified for purchase. Upon a designated location has been approved by Drinkii, this file will be transferred to our legal team for the application of a work visa as a management level employee under the Federal Temporary Worker (TFW) program. The wait period will generally take two to three months in most jurisdiction to receive a work permit. After a period of one year successfully working as a temporary work visa holder also known as the 'owner operator ', you and your families can apply through the Express Entry as a federal skilled worker and change to permanent residence status under the federal immigration program. It is crucial for the candidate to show sufficient language abilities in either English or French to actively work as a manager in the business. This 'owner-operator' LMIA investor scheme is believed to be far more advantageous than other provincial immigration programs as you will not only gain entry to Canada at a relatively short period of time as there is no minimum wait time for you and your families but a rather a gateway to permanent residency in Canada.

Through our established network of licensed professionals , we can help to facilitate your entry to Canada in a straight forward manner. You may contact our team directly by writing to us at info@drinkii.com and one of our international immigration partners in the area will contact you with more details to this program.